love writing by hand?

Have a digital life, but love writing by hand?

At the intersection of analogue and digital, the mod notebook lets you send your handwritten notes and doodles off to be digitised.

Even in the age of mobile devices, it’s hard to beat pen and paper.

Sure, there are apps like FiftyThree’s Paper that allow people to doodle to their hearts’ content. But Marshall Haas and Jon Wheatley wanted to combine the best of both analog and digital, which is why they created Mod, a paper notebook accessible to the cloud, launched Monday.

“As far as an input device, pen and paper is something you can’t really beat in my opinion,” Wheatley told Fast Company. “When it comes to storing handwritten notes, having them in a digital format is very valuable.”

Borrowing from Moleskine’s beloved notepads, Mod notebooks feature a flap at the back, which holds an envelope with a prepaid shipping label. After filling up the notebook’s pages, users can send them to a facility to be digitized. About five days later, the notes can then be accessed on Mod’s web app and can also be synced to external services, such as Dropbox and Evernote.

Including shipping and digitising, Mod’s notebooks, which have roughly the same dimensions of an iPad Mini, cost $25. Those who want their notebooks back after the pages are scanned can pay an extra $10, which Wheatley said covers the additional shipping and time required to manually digitise the pages. This is largely because the typical digitising process requires cutting the notebook’s spine to efficiently scan its pages, but it becomes more of a manual process to preserve the notebook. Though Wheatley said Mod will only digitise its own notebooks at launch, it will consider accepting other types of notebooks in the future.

Source: BY ALICE TRUONG – fastcompany