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Iréel by Flora Borsi

Iréel by Flora Borsi Photographer Flora Borsi created the series ‘Iréel’, mixing photographic elements with painting techniques back in 2014. With the images she turns the idea of hyperrealistic painting around to accomplish a rather pictorial photography. As you can...


Have a digital life, but love writing by hand? This notebook is for you! At the intersection of analogue and digital, the mod notebook lets you send your handwritten notes and doodles off to be digitised.

The Elephants

Dali’s elephants have skinny, fragile, long legs. They symbolise men shackled to the earth by gravity but always reaching for the higher. Because of that the legs get longer and longer but the feet stay attached to the ground.

How to Change the Art Market

This year, as the art world gears up for another Art Basel, the art market is in a strange moment, with gallery sales seeming to tighten even as the machinations of the market become even more influential on what they show.

Tiny Figures in NYC

New Jersey based street artist Joe Iurato creates tiny wooden figures street art that he strategically placed in the NYC streets…

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